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Steel standard extensions (Inox)

Extension M3-DG4-L20-1x-M3

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M3 extensions with a diameter of 4 mm have been specially developed for use with switching probes. For use on scanning probes such as the ZEISS VAST XXT, they can only be used to a limited extent in conjunction with an adapter.

  • M3 system with diameter 4 mm for switching probes
  • Made of robust, rigid stainless steel solid material
Connection Type
Length (L)
20.0 mm
Stainl. St.
Ø Body (DG)
4.0 mm
Connection Type Out
1.8 g

Extension, M3 thread, stainless steel, L: 20, DG: 4, weight: 1 g

Product note

It is not recommended to use M3 elements with a diameter of 4 mm for touch trigger probes without a suitable adapter on ZEISS XXT systems. The smaller diameter can lead to a loose connection, which can result in measurement errors.

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