Machine Accessories

ZEISS machine accessories make daily work on the measuring device easier. Whether optical, tactile or by computer tomograph - the accessories specially developed for measurement technology ensure reliable measurement results and speed up many work processes. ZEISS machine accessories are specially developed to optimize existing machines. Depending on the requirements, these additional products can significantly improve machine performance. Faster, more accurate or more comparable are the most common optimization topics. ZEISS offers solutions for all points that can be quickly and easily adapted to the corresponding device. Measuring aids are used to support or fulfill the measuring tasks and test pieces are used to ensure the accuracy requirements of the machine in the long term through regular checks.

  • X-Ray
  • Sensor Racks
    Sensor Racks
  • Pallets and Clamping Plates
    Pallets and Clamping Plates
  • Workpiece Fixturing
    Workpiece Fixturing
  • Temperature Measurement
    Temperature Measurement
  • References and Checks
    References and Checks
  • Loading Systems
    Loading Systems
  • Accessories for CMM
    Accessories for CMM