CMK grid plate 240x240x15 product photo Front View L
CMK grid plate 240x240x15 product photo

Universal grid plates

CMK grid plate 240x240x15

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15 mm x 15 mm
Length (L)
240.0 mm
Width (B)

The grid plates serve as the basis for the CARFIT kit systems. They are designed for a variety of coordinate measuring machine volume ranges and are equipped with tapped holes for positioning part locating details when assembling coordinate metrology inspection fixtures. All grid plates have hard coating to ensure optimal wear protection.

The tapped M4 hole pattern is optimally spaced at 50 x 50 mm used for assembling CARFIT fastening position, locating and clamp components. Each grid plate has recesses on each side to make it easier to grip and handle. Heavy grid plates have lifting rings so that they can easily be moved and handled.

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