Temperature sensor in plastic housing, SUB-D product photo Front View L
Temperature sensor in plastic housing, SUB-D product photo

Temperature Measurement

Temperature sensor in plastic housing, SUB-D

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The temperature sensor is used for measuring the workpiece temperature at the coordinate measuring machine. This will then be used automatically for compensation within the measurement run, means it is part of the meausring results. Using multiple sensors at the CMM, the corresponding one needs to be selected. Prerequisite is the option of temperature compensation and the connection point for sensors at the CMM. It is essential that the sensor completely connects to the workpiece, so it should be even and smooth. Otherwise this could result in meausrement errors which directly influence the measuring result of the CMM. The different types of sensors have to be chosen according to the application, so that the connecting surface is garanteed. The temperature sensor in a plastic housing can perfectly be integrated into fixutres. The case can equalize variations in the workpiece geometry, but shall not be loaded too much. In combination with a pallet interface it is suitable for pallet systems (e.g. THETA 55) and enables a smooth process. We would be happy to support with the planning of fixtures with integrated sensors.


The temperature sensor in a plastic housing with SUB-D connector is connected to the TempUnit of the controller of the machine. With the sensor, the workpiece temperature is measured, which is then used for the temperature compensation within the measurement program. For a reliable measurement of the temperature and stable mounting, the sensor must be attached to a fixture. The plastic housing can equal slight fluctuations in the geometry of the workpiece.The case is not design for heavy loads.

Please check the connecting slots of the CMM (DIN or SUB-D) for the selection of the correct sensor. For the use with pallet systems please use the sensor with open cable end.

  • Resistance thermometer with Pt100
  • Measuring range -40 °C to +80 °C (also consider the meausring range of the CMM!)
  • Diameter temperature sensor 10 mm
  • Cable length ca. 1,5 m

Product note

The CMM must be prepared and suitable for the use of the sensor. Sensors with identical connector can be exchanged flexibly regardless of the type. If it is the first time a sensor shall be connected or if additional sensors are required, please conntact the ZEISS service.

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